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Sunday Bible Class Series

Current Bible Class Series

Life’s Healing Choices
Bible class series from Saddleback Church. Access here


Past Bible Class Series

Bible Class (Life of Jesus in Chronological Order)
Check out the new bible class series “Life of Jesus in Chronological Order” here.


The Daniel Plan: God’s Prescription for a Healthy Life:


Empowered to Influence(ETI) – Dominic
ETI is designed to help every believer become a more effective influencer for Christ anywhere, 7 days a week, and especially in the work place or community. ETI uses video teachings of Singaporean businessman, Ken Chua, teaching on seven paradigm or worldview shifts that needs to happen for every believer, so they can become more effective salt and light for Christ to people around them.

First Century Faith – Perry Stiltz
Have you wonder how the faith of the first century Christians looks like? What do they believe in? What gave them the strength and courage to overcome the tremendous oppositions, trials and tribulations? In this study, Perry will attempt to piece together the puzzle.


Cell @ The Park

Once every two weeks, a few of us will meet up to fellowship and study His words. If you are interested, you can contact us at

We are having a short break over this December festive season. We will be starting again in 2019.

Meeting Details:
Venue: Garden by the Park
Time: 8.30am

Nan’s Corner: Reflections of His Image

Bible Reading Challenge

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More to come…

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